Recommended Sermons

Our Intern Minister, the Rev. John Marsh, reminds us that "Listening to some of the best preachers out there is a good thing to do anytime but especially so during an interim period. There is no guarantee, of course, that your next minister will be the kind of preacher you personally prefer, but by knowing what is out there, you can at least increase the odds.

"The Reverend Victoria Safford of the White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church delivers a poignant message of inspiration, warmth, joy and bravery.

"The Rev. Jaqui Lewis at the Middle Collegiate Church is a charismatic preacher that many Unitarian Universalists love to hear. Her sermon titles include: 'Stay Woke,' 'New Rules,' and 'A Theology of Resistance.' Her church has also managed to have different styles of choirs that frequently perform within the same service. Here are samples of their gospel choir and their classical choir

"Finally, the Reverend Terry Sweetser gives a great sermon, 'Healing the Environment,' albeit with poor production values."