The Endowment Fund, a cornerstone of the church's financial stability, comprises in large part the bequests that members who've gone before have left us. While annual pledges to support the operating expenses of the church normally come from our income, gifts to the endowment most often come from our assets when we no longer need them. The easiest way to give is by bequest—by drawing up a will that includes the church or by adding an amendment to your existing will. There are different ways to make a bequest to the church. You can leave a specific asset or dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a percentage of the residue of your estate after other distributions have been made. Or you can make a contingent bequest, leaving a legacy to the church in the event that one or more of your heirs has predeceased you.

Have you remembered the church in your will? Rev. Clarke Dewey Wells put it well when he said, “I remind you that no great cultural institutions exist on a pay-as-you-go basis. Great institutions, whether colleges or symphony orchestras, art museums or churches, require intergenerational funding, the giving of more than any one generation can afford, the accumulated, long-term funding of one generation after another.”

You don’t have to be a millionaire to leave an important legacy. Together with the gifts and bequests of others who care about this church, your gift will make a lasting difference.

You can find volunteers' contact information in the directory available at church.