Get Connected at UUCGL!

Connections Coordinator Corie Jason is here to help volunteers get connected and organized and to assist in welcoming newcomers to our church.

Get Connected Survey

Our "Get Connected Survey" asks you about your talents, interests, and opportunities to get connected at church. It is helpful to retake this survey about once a year so we can always have a good idea of what you want to offer this church and how you can be better connected to this community. Look for it at Coffee Hour, or take the survey online now!

I am careful with your information. If a committee or group requests folks who might be interested in their group, I may give them your contact information. But if you are already heavily involved in several areas at church, I will try to make sure that you don’t get asked too much. 

Another way that I’m helping build connection is through our Facebook page. If you haven’t become a Fan of us yet, do it! It’s a really fun way to share information with one another and learn about the wider UU world. 


I also work closely with the Membership Committee, concentrating on supporting our three-tiered series of Membership classes. The first one is where you can learn about the historic roots of Unitarian Universalism. The second class focuses on our church and what we do here. The last in the series is a ceremonial time of becoming a member, signing the book, and reflecting on your journey. I attend each of these classes to get to know the newcomers and help connect them to our community.

I am also working on some more basic things like collecting the number of guest name tags that we use each week and inputting this and other data into our database. These are important markers of what we’re experiencing at our church that might not be so visible to you!

You can contact me at church most Sundays, and I have limited office hours during the week. Please feel free to talk with me about how to get more involved or if your group or committee needs new members.