Second-Sunday Plate Collections

We are a generous community! Our congregation contributed almost $14,000 in 2016 to local, denominational, and international organizations. An extra focus this year was South Lansing organizations such as Southside Community Center, Southside Community Kitchen, and Carefree Dental Clinic. Many other organizations reflected themes of the month, Social Justice Committee Task Forces, and denominational organizations. UU Lansing members have been playing an increasing role in making suggestions of organizations to support. An ongoing list is kept by the committee chair and discussed at committee meetings that are open to members.We prioritize local organizations that have budgets small enough for our contribution to impact. Stop by the Atrium to check out the current month's selection and look through thank-you notes that have been written. We make a difference!

-Renee Swanson Chair, Second-Sunday Plate Collections

July's Second-Sunday Plate Collection is for The Garden Project, a program of the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Here’s how they describe their work: “We provide access to land, how-to education, free seeds and plants, tool lending, a networking hub and more so that all community members can have access to fresh healthy food through gardening opportunities. We support a network of nearly 125+ community gardens and 400 home gardens, helping to feed over 7,000 people. Some of our community gardens serve large refugee populations, others integrate school curricula, some are for donation, and others still are simply neighborhood gathering spaces to grow a stronger community.”

The motto of the Garden Project is “Growing Healthy Food, Cultivating Connections.” Gardens are located all over the Lansing area at sites like churches, schools, apartment complexes, workplaces, and vacant lots in residential neighborhoods, and most of the participants have limited incomes. One example in South Lansing is the greenhouse at Hill Center, where transplants are grown for hundreds of participating gardeners. The Garden Project has set a goal of increasing production there to include more traditional and culturally significant crops, such as Asian greens, bitter melon, roselle, and African eggplant.

Thank you for helping to support this great community organization! Please write checks to UU Lansing with "Garden Project" in the memo line during the month of July. All undesignated checks and cash collected on Sunday, July 9 will be donated to The Garden Project.

June's Second-Sunday Plate Collection was accepted for the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health.

May's Second-Sunday Plate Collection raised $1,375 for Refugee Services at St. Vincent Catholic Charities.

April's Second-Sunday Plate Collection raised over $2,000 for Adopt a Future by the Greater Lansing United Nations Association.

March's Second-Sunday Plate Collection raised over $800 for the Capital Area Housing Partnership.

February’s Second-Sunday Plate Collection raised over $1,200 for the Tri-County Office on Aging.

January's Second-Sunday Plate Collection raised over $1,500 for the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN).