Second-Sunday Plate Collections

We are a generous congregation! I am thrilled to report that we collected $15,793.70 from our Second-Sunday Plate Collections and designated checks in 2017. We made a real difference to nine local organizations as well as a UN project (Adopt a Future), the UUA Disaster Relief Fund, and the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network. We prioritize organizations that have a relatively small budget we can impact and organizations whose focus ties into planned worship topics and/or denominational study issues.
-Renee Swanson, Chair, Special Plates Committee

March's Second-Sunday Plate Collection is for the Tuesday Toolmen of the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition.

February's Second-Sunday Plate Collection was accepted for the Meta Peace Team.

January's Second-Sunday Plate Collection was accepted for the Resolution Services Center, which helps our community's youth to resolve conflict successfully, take responsibility to make things right, restore relationships, and avoid the criminal justice system.