February 2014 Splinters from the Board

February’s meeting focused on updates and discussion of the three initiatives to address our building challenges.

The Site Task Force has begun meeting every other week, and individuals on that committee are taking the lead to pursue possibilities such as purchasing property, renting worship space, or remodeling.

The Grove Street Committee will meet twice in March to prioritize needed immediate repairs to this building. The Board approved a budget of up to $40,000 over the next two years for this work, to be drawn from four restricted accounts (not our operating budget).

The planning group for the Learning and Listening Sessions presented ideas for a session on Church Finances and Stewardship. The purpose of this session will be to facilitate reflection and discussion on ways that our current budget reflects our values, and what, if anything, UUCGL members would propose to change, especially in light of our desire to find or create better physical space in which to carry out our missions and live our values.