Services for All Ages

We create some of our worship services for children, youth, families, and adults to share together. Services for all ages give children and youth the opportunity to experience worship as part of the congregation. It gives children and youth the chance to feel a part of something bigger; it allows families to experience worship together; and it gives our hardworking Religious Education volunteers an opportunity to fill their own spiritual tanks. In addition, it’s a great opportunity for our young people to learn our church’s rituals, songs, people, and ways. Someday, each child will be too old for Religious Education. Being comfortable in the ways of church assists them in their journeys as lifelong UUs.

We work to make our services for all ages kid- and youth-friendly, and we try to make them as participatory as possible. Typically if there’s a sermon, it is very short. Services for all ages are about engaging in a shared experience that hopefully touches your soul.

Ideas for managing when you come to a service for all ages with your children:

  • Come early and get seats in the front; it’s harder for children to see and engage if they’re sitting in the back. (You may choose to sit in the back if you know you’ll be leaving with your child during the service.)
  • Ask the usher for a clipboard with activity sheets and crayons. 
  • The Nursery is for infants and toddlers, but we’ll welcome children up to four years old. 
  • We don’t mind quiet baby noises. Parents with young ones are welcome to begin in the service but are free to move to the Nursery if little ones get too restless. 
  • If your older children are too fidgety, they may need to take a break with you outside of worship for a bit. This is respectful to those sitting around you. 
  • Feel free to come prepared with things that hold your child’s attention. 
  • If you’ve found ways to help your child be in church successfully, please let me know, and I will pass ideas along to other parents. 
All will be well. Your children will grow up, and they’ll soon learn how to be in church. And the staff will continue to work diligently to craft services that engage a congregation of all ages.