Chalice Lighters Grant Funds Hearing Loop System

Our church received the Heartland District’s Spring 2013 Chalice Lighters grant, enabling us to install a hearing loop system for those with hearing assistance devices.

Rev. Dr. Lisa Presley, District Executive, wrote to the Chalice Lighters,
“UUCGL is one of the older congregations in our District—they were founded in 1848, they are currently the 109th largest congregation in the UUA. They are 86th largest in attendance and in pledge income. When you look to non-members served, they are ranked 77. Clearly, they are excelling when their impact is greater than their size.

The hearing assistance loop is just another way they are reaching out to people. They have been using AV projection in their services for a number of years, and they also have their services interpreted into ASL for members of the Deaf Community. The hearing loop is just another step forward into making worship and other events at the congregation more fully accessible.

The congregation is also looking for another space—they find that their current building restricts what they can do, and who they want to be. Although they have not found another location yet, they are designing the installation of the hearing loop system so that it can travel with them—moving forward will not leave your gifts behind.

Your donations will help them achieve this goal of being more welcoming of those with hearing assistance devices. We, and they, appreciate your support.

The deadline for making donations to this call is June 30, 2013. Thank you for your participation in the Heartland Chalice Lighter program!” 

To become a Chalice Lighter, visit