Becoming a Member of UU Lansing

We hope you find your spiritual and religious home here at UU Lansing. Let the minister, Membership Chair, or Connections Coordinator know if you would like to become a member or if you have membership questions. We also encourage you to consider various volunteer opportunities as a way of participating fully in the life of this church. You are warmly welcomed into this community.

The Path to Membership

Benefits and Responsibilities of Membership

Members share fully in the life of this religious community and may call on the minister for consultations and ceremonies with reduced fees. The Pastoral Care team provides ministry and support to members in times of transition and crisis. Members may vote on church issues, elect officials, and serve on the Board of Trustees. Only a member may have the opportunity to serve as a delegate to the regional and national conferences by the Mid-America Region and the Unitarian Universalist Association. As a member, you may receive an ongoing subscription to the quarterly UU World magazine.

Your responsibilities as a member are: participation in the congregation, donating your time as you are able, donating your money as you are able, and continuing to learn and grow throughout your life.