March 2014 Splinters from the Board

The Board meeting on March 26, 2014 included several updates from ad hoc committees addressing various aspects of our adaptive challenges surrounding building needs. The Site Task Force is meeting every two weeks and pursuing various possibilities. The Grove Street Committee is already accomplishing visible improvements in this building! The Listening and Learning Planning Group is preparing for sessions on April 6 about our church financial choices and how they do (or don’t) reflect our values.

The next Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 27, perhaps at 4:30 p.m. (to accommodate a possible music candidate visit that day) or earlier is space is available. Purposes of the meeting include: Annual Report; Nominations; reports from Board-initiated committees listed above; consideration of sponsorship of Nic Cable as a Candidate for UU Ministry.

Additional actions taken at the Board Meeting included: Approval of addition of church policy documents to the website; initiation of request to Program Council to check on status of charges for each church committee; approval of room rental request; approval of request by Finance Committee to use 2013 surplus to fully fund reserve accounts (which were not fully funded in the 2014 budget when it was approved in January). The rest of this money will go into Board Decision funds, and the Board asked Kathryn to talk with the Program Council about priorities for funding church programs with those funds.