Third-Sunday Evenings

We gather on Third-Sunday Evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30) to reflect on issues of social justice and equality. These evenings include documentary films, presentations, discussions, panels, and benefit parties. Everyone is welcome to come and bring friends!

Third-Sunday Evenings are expected to resume in the fall.

Standing on Sacred Ground

Last year, we began watching the four-part documentary series Standing on Sacred Ground, a portrait of indigenous people in eight parts of the world struggling to protect their traditional sacred lands and culture while defending their human rights and the natural environment critical to their cultural heritage. The first film covered the work of church member Jennifer Castner with the Altai Project to save snow leopards and more in Eastern Russia.

In May, we watched the second film in the series, Profit and Loss, documenting stories of First Nations people in Canada and inhabitants of remote Papua, New Guinea.

In September, we watched the third film, Fire and Ice, highlighting experiences of highlands people in Ethiopia and Peru.

The final film, Islands of Sanctuary, tells the stories of Aboriginal Australians and Native Hawaiians as they reclaim land from governments and the military, resisting the erosion of their culture and environment. The date of this screening will be announced shortly.