August 2014 Special Meeting Splinters from the Board

At the special Board meeting on August 24, Barry Carr shared preliminary results of his online survey of Board and Site Task Force members, plus some others, totaling 25 respondents, who visited the site that is being considered. The survey queried opinions about the building and site and whether people would feel inclined to move to the site if the building's problems can be addressed. There were many positive comments about the land and potential of the building. Barry also said that the land alone is a good value. Four- to nine-acre parcelsin the area of Coleman Road in northern East Lansing are priced around $400,000 - $800,000. One 12-acre parcel near Pine Tree in southern Lansing is priced around $500,000.

The Board discussed information needed about the property and various types of inspections (mold, asbestos, roofing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, soil suitability, potential zoning issues for future building, etc.). Possible next steps include a Letter of Intent (to deter the bank from deciding to remove the property from the market or remove the building from the parcel, which could happen when the contract with their realtor ends in a month) and an offer contingent on congregational approval, suitable financing, a successful capital campaign, and outcomes of inspections.

The Board voted unanimously to take further steps toward due diligence with potential purchase of this property. Another site visit will be arranged. The Board will keep the Site Task Force and the congregation informed about progress.