July 2014 Splinters from the Board

Nic Cable explained his plans as Ministerial Intern for Multigenerational Community. Nic will be available to work with us until summer 2016. The Board approved including a quarter-time intern salary for Nic in the operating budget for 2015 and 2016 if possible. This commitment will also help prepare UUCGL to fund another intern after Nic leaves. 

We heard reports from the three recent Board initiatives around building challenges (Task Site Force, Grove Street Committee, and Listening & Learning Sessions). A Listening & Learning session is planned for Sunday, September 21 after both services to provide more communication about our financial assets.

A Stewardship Committee has been formed and is meeting to make plans for the pledge drive, with a kickoff on October 5.

A planning committee was formed for the Board Retreat, scheduled for September 26 – 27.