August 2014 Splinters from the Board

The next Listening and Learning Sessions will be on Sunday, September 21 after both services. People from the Investment Committee will do most of the presentation to explain the history of our endowment and how it can be used, as well as answer questions.

The Board discussed planning for the Board Retreat on September 26-27.

Kathryn reported that we hired Lia Wang as our Pianist.

Barry Carr gave a report from the Site Task Force, and the Board discussed next steps to investigate the feasibility of a property in Lansing. The survey results and verbal feedback from congregants have been generally positive. The Board voted unanimously to make an offer on the property with multiple contingencies, including congregational approval, in order to “lock in” the price before spending money on inspections. A subcommittee was authorized to proceed with an offer, in conjunction with our realtor. The Board discussed how to communicate with the congregation about the offer to make people fully informed and provide channels for feedback. Information will be provided regularly in the Order of Service and in the Newsletter and Weekly Digest, and Board members will be available after both services. The Board will hold informational meetings with the congregation after both services on Sunday, September 14.