November 2014 Splinters from the Board

The Board reviewed the results of the congregational meeting November 16, with 89% of votes in favor of purchasing a new property. We discussed how to communicate next steps to the congregation and how to help those who voted “no” continue to feel connected to the congregation. There will be a suggestion “Dream” box in the Fireplace Room every Sunday for input from the congregation related to the property. Mary Elaine Kiener reviewed the progress on obtaining our Special Land Use Permit (SLUP). Our timeline for closing might be mid-to-late February. The Board discussed the process for choosing an architect and requested a formal recommendation and rationale from the Building Design Committee (BDC) co-chairs. Notes from the BDC included a projected timeline for planning, design, and construction. The BDC proposed having 1-2 design session workshops in December to get congregational input on potential remodeling for the building, perhaps with one on Sunday afternoon, December 7. Annemarie Hodges, Linda Anderson, and Kay Lovell will work with the BDC on planning. The Board called a congregational meeting for January 25, 2015, 1:00 p.m., to vote on the 2015 budget, nominate delegates, and vote on allowing the Board to get a mortgage, apply for a UUA mortgage guarantee, and sell the Grove Street building.