March 2015 Splinters from the Board

Shawn Riley, chair of Strategic Planning Committee, attended the meeting to discuss the proposal from SPC to remove SPC as a standing committee from the church bylaws. In the last few years, SPC has found that UU churches similar to UUCGL do not have a standing SPC, but the Board incorporates strategic planning as part of Board responsibilities. The proposal involves doing strategic planning differently, as part of ongoing Board functions, now that there is a Program Council to effectively manage programs and scheduling at UUCGL. The UUCGL Board recommends the proposed bylaw changes to the congregation: to eliminate SPC as a standing committee, to specify that the Board is responsible for short-term and long-term planning of church affairs, and to add another Board-appointed member of the Finance Committee, to replace the person that has served as liaison to the Finance Committee from the SPC.

The Board approved a call for the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, April 26 at 1:00 p.m.: Nominations for Board of Trustees and Congregational Committees; vote on proposed changes in bylaws; provide an update (information only) on 5509 S. Pennsylvania property planning and proposed sale of 855 Grove Street.

There is interest from potential buyers for the 855 Grove Street property, with preliminary conversations and walk-throughs with groups, including developers, brokers, and churches, as well as both a fraternity and a sorority. A task force led by Mary Elaine Kiener has also met with City of East Lansing planning officers for information on city priorities and policies for use of the property. The board has had rich discussions both about its fiduciary responsibility to the congregation and the potential impacts of a successful purchase offer from different types of entities.

The Board approved a written policy about serving alcohol on church property to codify the practices that we have been following.