Choir for All

“Hi, my name is Tamiko Rothhorn. I love music, and it’s one of the reasons that our family chose to join this church. In the first faith statement that I ever wrote, in 1995, I compared my religious faith in God to a song. Learning music is an ongoing process that can sometimes be hard at first, but then the song becomes a part of me as I become more familiar with it, and then I develop a personal relationship with the song. In a similar way, as I develop a personal relationship with God/the Spirit, this deepens my faith and becomes a part of me. If sung from the heart, a song and faith have the power to touch and move others. For me, making music is a way that I can connect spiritually with something greater than myself.

“My husband, MC, says that even though he’s never sung with a choir at this church, you may see him up there with my family and others of all ages from the church on the Choir for All Sundays. You don’t have to read music or have any previous choir experience to participate.

“Choir for All is what the name implies. It is an ad-hoc choir for any and all participants who want to try singing or playing their instrument for a couple songs during the service. It is a short-term time commitment. All you have to do is come at 8:30 for the 9:15 service or at 10:30 for the 11:15 service. Music Director LB will teach the songs and direct the group during the service. What a great way to make some music, be in community together, and have fun!”

If you’ve ever wanted to participate in the music at UUCGL but were unable to commit to rehearsals or were a little nervous about your skills, this is the group for you! Choir for All is intended for all ages and skill levels. We’ll meet 45 minutes before the service begins and learn one or two easy pieces to sing in the service that day. Instrumentalists are welcome too. Music is provided, or you can learn it by ear.