July 2015 Splinters from the Board

There was no Board meeting in June. The July 22, 2015 meeting featured a presentation by Sharon Monod representing the Social Action Committee (SAC), which has been working closely with other community groups to establish the Michigan Collaborative to End Mass Incarceration. The SAC intends to sign the resolution developed by the Collaborative. The Board passed a motion thanking the SAC for their work on this issue and inviting it to help congregants educate themselves on this matter.

There was further discussion of Church Consultant Sarai Rice’s report, which suggests we might look at a different allocation of the staff positions we currently have as we consider future staffing needs.

Not unrelated to staffing, the initial work of the recently convened Stewardship Committee was reviewed. The Stewardship Committee would like to create opportunities for compassionate and healthy conversations about money in our church. Events are being planned.

The Board is going high tech! Exciting new software for organizing tasks within a work group was introduced. Some staff already make effective use of it.

Updates to the Board from the Dream Implementation Team, Loan Advisory Team, Sale of Grove Street Task Force, and Finance Committee affirm that things continue to move forward regarding all aspects of our move from East Lansing to Lansing.

Appointments of committee chairs were made: Linda Anderson and Kate Sanford as co-chairs of the Stewardship Committee and Judith Rowell-DeVaney as chair of the Connections Committee.