August 2015 Splinters from the Board

During its meeting on August 26, 2015, the Board welcomed several visitors interested in the need for an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter during church activities other than Sunday services and Religious Education classes. A draft policy on when the church would and would not provide an interpreter was discussed, and a subcommittee was formed to help improve the draft policy, to be revisited at the next meeting.

The Board further discussed the autonomy of church committees and the taking of highly visible stances or actions, such as signing resolutions and partaking in political lobbying. More information will be gathered about policies other churches might have about the autonomy of committees.

Rounding out the discussion of church policy, the Board identified needed updates to the existing Policy on Restricted Monetary Gifts and passed a motion officially affirming a list of current policies. Any old policies not on the list are null and void.

Updates from the Dream Implementation Team focused on what cost-cutting measures from the 5509 South Pennsylvania building design are being considered in order to bring the construction bid amount closer to our budgeted amount.

The Dart Bank loan requirements are almost complete, although a final appraisal of what the renovated building will be worth awaits our decisions on design changes.

The closing date for the sale of 855 Grove St was September 2. Monthly rent will be a couple thousand dollars less than what we anticipated.

The UUCGL community is invited to learn about these and many other updates, and to ask questions and express concerns, at Listening and Learning sessions scheduled after each service on Sunday, September 20.