Special October 2015 Splinters from the Board

The Board of Trustees held a special meeting on October 14. After several weeks of cost-cutting and revised bids from subcontractors, the Dream Implementation Team (Bob Swanson, Kathy McWilliams, Kathy Lovell, and Dan Dettweiler) felt it was time to seek the Board’s input. There remains a gap between our $1.6 million spending limit and the $1.9 million Alan McPhall, President of Central Contracting, Inc., feels will be the lowest price we can get without further cuts that would significantly reduce the scope of the project and negatively impact our use of the building.

The Board reviewed cuts already made and considered some other possible money-saving changes that would adversely affect ease of entry from the parking lot and reduce space suitable for the social hall and coffee hour.

To make up the $300,000 gap, the Board considered four options: make more cuts, raise more money in our capital campaign, extend the length of our construction loan, or both raise more money and extend our loan.

Susan Rothfuss, chair of the Capital Campaign Committee, talked to the Board about prior fundraising experiences she has had and said that when people are asked to dig deep, they quite often come through, and that more resources for this project are probably available from the congregation. Susan is confident that whatever goal we set, we will reach it if we believe in it. Susan concluded by asking, “What is the story we would like to be told about the church we are becoming?” This is the question Kathryn asked in her sermon a couple of Sundays ago.

The Board agreed that the best way forward is to combine more fundraising with extending the length of the loan. The Board approved a motion to authorize the signing of a $1.9 million construction contract with Central Contracting, Inc.