December 2015 Splinters from the Board

At the December 16 Board meeting, discussions and decisions centered around the 2016 budget and budget alternatives. A motion was passed to schedule January 31 for the Congregational Meeting in which a vote of the membership will be held to approve a budget. An early January Listening and Learning Session would be used, in part, to share and receive feedback from congregants about budget alternatives.

The Board also passed a motion in support of a grant proposal to Chalice Lighters that would help purchase a hearing loop system for the board room at the new location on South Pennsylvania Avenue. The renovation project already includes a hearing loop system for the new sanctuary.

Other topics related to the new building were discussed. The need to make more details about the acoustical design of the sanctuary available to people was recognized. Interior design guidelines were discussed, including the boundary between art and interior design. An art acceptance policy for permanent art pieces is in the works. The Board also mulled over the possible role of volunteers in routine cleaning at the new building, and of room and grounds rentals to offset operating costs.

Decisions about matters at Grove Street continue to be needed. The Board is hoping to sell the very big and heavy kitchen stove to the landlords, who would like to begin advertising for people who would eventually use the stove. The Board will likely approve their hanging a sign promoting the new location of the sorority house.