February 2016 Splinters from the Board

Due to a snowstorm, the February Board meeting was rescheduled to March 2. 

A ribbon-like, multi-colored mural design for the walls of the new building's Religious Education hallway was submitted by the Art Task Force and approved by the Board.

The Board discussed security for the new building with respect to distributed keys or other methods of entry (e.g., RFID system).

A volunteer group is cleaning the Grove Street building during March to save money, and the group plans to take on cleaning in the S. Pennsylvania building after we move.

Drainage issues will be a challenge at the new building; the Grounds Planning Group is investigating options.

Progress at weekend work parties was reviewed.

Because we will not have a location to hold the April congregational meeting, the Board decided to schedule the annual meeting for March 20 between services.

The Finance Committee reported a surplus of approximately $35,000 for FY 2015; the Board approved the Finance Committee recommendation to apply $11,600 to Reserve Accounts for 2016 and put the remainder in the Building Fund.

The Board approved $1000 for Chalice Camp, taken from Board Decision funds.

There was discussion about new Building Use policies; a task force will consider issues and make recommendations.