Special January 2016 Splinters from the Board

A special meeting of the Board was held in mid-January, primarily to discuss 2016 operating budget planning. There had been much apprehension about budgeting for 2016 in the face of certain increases of uncertain magnitude in the operating costs for the new building. Vice President of Finance Chris Clampitt reviewed budgetary options with the Board, showing where some inroads could be made on closing a significant gap between total 2016 pledge amount and the expected operating costs. The Board discussed taking a holiday from paying a professional cleaning service and relying instead on volunteers to take up some of the cleaning responsibilities at the new building. Another budget-saving measure would be to increase the amount of fundraising during the year. Board members identified a number of fundraising ideas and resolved to help establish a fundraising leadership group to help make the ideas come to fruition.

The special meeting also was the time to begin planning the congregational meeting to be held at the very end of January.

Finally, a motion was approved to direct Board Decision funds to hire more staff support to work with Administrator Kathy McWilliams during the transition between buildings. Nic Cable was authorized for up to 20 additional hours per week, January 15 to May 15.