January 2016 Splinters from the Board

Exciting news came to the Board in January. The Capital Area Community Services Head Start Program is interested in exploring the possibility of starting a preschool program in the west wing of our new building on South Pennsylvania Avenue and arranging a five-year rental agreement with us. Head Start serves low-income families with children from birth to five years old. The mission is to “meet children’s needs so all are on a path for school success.” The Program has access to funds used to make improvements to suitable buildings, so the cost of renovating the west wing, for which there are no other renovation plans, could be shared with us. Two Board members volunteered to explore further the possibility of Head Start opening a preschool in our building within a year.

Other good news is that our congregation reached its goal for increasing the number of Chalice Lighters, which should improve our chances of receiving the Chalice Lighters Grant from the MidAmerica Region UUA. Our hope is that this grant would help us install a hearing loop system in the Board room.

Besides listening to good news, the Board passed several motions during the January meeting. After a little more discussion of 2016 operating budget line items related to cleaning and fundraising, the Board moved to recommend a balanced budget proposed by Chris Clampitt, to be voted on during the congregational meeting scheduled for late January.

Also approved were a policy on interior design guidelines and formatting changes for all policies.

One other approved motion was the acceptance of the Red Zinger art piece, to be hung high in the atrium, graciously donated by artist Tim Prentice of Connecticut.