June 2016 Splinters from the Board

We had our first meeting as a board in the Chapin Room at 5509 S. Pennsylvania! We still have several tasks to do as part of living in the space. One of the first things on the agenda is to get our new security procedures with the new equipment in place. Security and cleaning aspects will be included in the Building Use Policy, which is still being explicated. There are a large number of external doors to check when closing the building. We discussed the amount of time it takes to physically check every door.

The Board discussed a proposal to host English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for refugees. We hadn’t been considering new program proposals while we were in the transition between buildings, and these types of proposals need to be reviewed by Program Council. This proposal was very well crafted and cited a specific audience that our new location would be uniquely able to serve. The proposal also identified existing community partners who could help us launch the program. Finally, the proposal identified a significant number of congregants who are already involved in ESL. Taken as whole, this proposal represents a model for what we’d like to see in new program proposals. The Board was excited to forward this on to Program Council both for the content and the format. We also want to give a chance for other proposals to surface and be evaluated.

The need to restart the Capital Campaign was discussed, and Jennifer Castner volunteered to be the board liaison to the Capital Campaign Committee. We want to make sure we have the funding available for opportunities like the ESL project. Stating our case in these terms may also provide a more compelling reason for people to commit their money than simply stating how much the mortgage could be reduced.