November 2016 Splinters from the Board

On November 16, 2016, Sue Hill and Ruelaine Stokes were present to discuss arrangements with the A+ Language School for ESL (English as a Second Language) classes planned to begin in January. The classes will use two or three Religious Education classrooms, and the building use fee is still being negotiated. The Board will vote on lease terms in December.

The Board previously approved Kathryn’s sabbatical leave May 1 – Sept 30, 2017. A charge was approved for a Sabbatical Committee: “for the purpose of working to ensure that planning for leave of our minister is proceeding, that communication to the congregation and the Board of Trustees about development and implementation of the plan is frequent and informative, and that the transition and operations before, during, and after the leave are smooth.” Members of the Sabbatical Committee have been selected.

With respect to the $100,000 anonymous donation to fund Structural Integrity and Drainage issues, the team appointed by the Board to oversee these projects reported that the highest priority is stopping the water from coming into the building (leaks, sewage backups, and seepage during heavy rains). Bids are being gathered to resolve drainage issues in the Memorial Garden and on the west lawn (street side) of the building, and the trees on the west side have been removed as part of this goal. Projects also include installing new downspouts and replacing the clogged sewer pipes serving the men’s bathroom in the Atrium.

A contract has been finalized for outside lighting above the entrance doors, fixing the lights in Room 406 (currently not usable, and needed both for RE classes and the A+ Language School classes), and adding lights in the RE hallway, which is rather dark.

The Board discussed a new draft policy to facilitate building use and also discussed proposed building use fees. UU Lansing members and non-profit organizations will get a discount on the regular use fee. Committees and groups from UU Lansing will continue to meet in the building at no charge.

An Art Acceptance Policy was approved by the Board to specify when the Board will be involved in acceptance of art (e.g., for large pieces intended for permanent mounting in a specific location) and when an Art Committee will make decisions.

The Board set Sunday, January 22, 2017 as the date of the congregational meeting to approve the annual operating budget. The Board will have a special meeting Tuesday, January 17 to discuss final aspects of the budget to be proposed to the congregation.