January 2017 Splinters from the Board

The Board has approved moving forward with negotiations to use part of our building for Head Start. There still remains quite a bit of uncertainty of the timing of the needed renovations in order for this to be successful. The Board is very supportive, but the nature and cost of renovations and the time frame present significant obstacles.

ESL classes have started in our building. The Board received a written status report, and attendance is meeting expectations. The Board will get a report from Kathryn and Teresa on the use of the building from the church's perspective.

The Board reviewed a request from Program Council for the purchase of additional chairs and tables. The matter was referred to the Finance Committee, along with a specific recommendation.

The Board received a report from the Grounds Planning Group (GPG). Michigan Audubon is interested in helping us create a native plant-based garden, and GPG will work in identifying where this might fit in our grounds plan. The group has been very active in the planning process and getting ready for spring.