February 2017 Splinters from the Board

We are growing! As a result, we’re adding two new part-time staff positions. The first is a part-time bookkeeper position to provide more support for our Finance Committee. The second position is for a part-time building use coordinator.

For a long time, our strategic planning was limited by our decade-long quest of finding a new building. Now that we have a new building, we’d like to look at where we want to be in the next ten years. The first part of the journey will be to look at a process for crafting the long-range vision. After this, we’ll start creating the vision along with identifying the enabling capabilities. The final step will be implementing these plans and adjusting accordingly.

Part of the prompt for this renewed interest in long-range planning is that we’ve reached a halt in our vision to have Head Start occupy the west wing. We could not make the budget and proposed timing work, so now we’ll need to look at alternatives, and a long-range vision will help. As I said, our first step will be to make sure the process for creating the long range vision reflects our values for inclusion and democracy. If you have an interest or expertise you’d be willing to contribute, please let anyone on the Board know. We’re going to start having regularly scheduled meetings which will be published and open.

-Barry Carr, President