March 2017 Splinters from the Board

After 10 months here at South Pennsylvania, the building feels ever more like home to us, even as we recognize continuing opportunities to review how we relate with the building, each other, and the surrounding community. This month, the Board:

* authorized a review and update of current policies and practices to maintain the safety and security of both church members and the building.

* discussed a variety of recent building use inquiries from members of the congregation as well as individuals and groups from the community.

* approved seeking commercial licensing for our kitchen.

* reviewed an update from the Grounds Planning Group, which included approval of both the GPG's charge and a process for authorizing budget expenditures through the Grounds Planning Core Group (CPCG) .

* finalized the call for the April 9 Meeting of the Congregation.

Update: The call has been amended in light of our senior minister's big news