Intern Minister theresa rohlck

November Reflections 

The past six weeks, I have been driving up to Lansing from Ann Arbor at least twice a week; most of the time, I take the back roads, avoiding the major highways. This has afforded me the chance to experience the gradual change of the seasons at a slower pace. The cornfields changing from green to gold to gone, mowed down, leaving brown earth visible. The maples and oaks beginning the change to reds and yellows and oranges, reminding me why autumn is still my favorite season.

I’ve been thinking about these gradual changes in nature and how my time as an intern in this congregation will be a time of gradual change as well. Even in the past month, I can see how some of my own “leaves” have changed colors and may soon fall. This is the right season to reflect on this -- what parts of myself I need to let go, what parts need to grow, what parts seem comfortable and are really OK for right now.

That we have four seasons where we live is something I have always loved about Michigan. Seasonal transitions prompt reflection about change. I invite you as individuals, and as a congregation, to join me in reflection: What parts of you do you need to let go? Where do you want to grow? And where are your comfortable places right now?

I welcome your company on this journey over the next two years.

blessings to each and all, 
your ministerial intern, theresa
(517) 351-4081 ext. 109