December 2017 Splinters from the Board

The Board approved the 2018 operating budget to recommend to the congregation and an additional principal payment of $75,000 on the mortgage. More details will be explained at a Congregational Conversation on January 14 after the worship service, and congregants will have many opportunities to ask questions or provide comments before the January 21 annual meeting.

There was discussion about final revisions to the Ministerial Search Committee selection process to recommend to the congregation at the annual meeting. The Board recommends a search committee of seven members, with four to be elected by the congregation in a mail ballot following the April congregational meeting and three to be appointed by the Board from the slate of nominees. The slate will consist of members who have completed the Application Form, either in response to suggestions of others or self-nominated. The congregation will be invited to suggest possible search committee members after the January 21 meeting. The proposed process will be discussed in more detail at the Congregational Conversation on January 14 after the worship service.

There was a report on actions of the Nominations Committee to find people interested in being delegates at General Assembly (Kansas City, MO June 20-24) or Regional Assembly Business Meeting (held June 20 in conjunction with GA). Several individuals have expressed interest. The Nominations Committee is currently operating without a chairperson.

The Board finalized plans for the January 21 Congregational Meeting. Agenda items include congregational approval of the 2018 operating budget, authorization of a search in order to call a new settled senior minister, approval of the charge and selection process for the Ministerial Search Committee, election of delegates for the General Assembly and Regional Assembly Business Meeting, and approval of congregational sponsorship of Kristy Stuart as a candidate for fellowship in the UU Ministry.