from Old English weorthscipe: "acknowledgment of worth"

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Religious Education for children and youth is offered most Sundays during worship. 

Third-Sunday Hymn Sings begin at 10:15 a.m. in the Sanctuary every third Sunday.

Our churchwide theme for the month of October is community and diversity.

October's Second-Sunday Plate Collection is for REACH Studio Art Center

October 15: “Wrestling with White Supremacy” with Rev. John Marsh and the Folk Band

While some parts of our society struggle to turn back the clock, our Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, Churches, and Fellowships is struggling to move forward. Are there things we could be learning from big business and the military?

All are invited to “greet the minister” after worship in the Augusta Jane Chapin Room. 

October 22: “How to Aim a Hockey Shot” with special guest Rev. Dr. Brent Smith

Where are you “located?” How does “location” shape an individual, a communal, and a faith tradition’s understanding of events? What does that have to do with taking a shot in hockey? And more important still, in what ways do questions like these influence our understandings of the meaning of our days? More than an autumnal musing, this sermon will invite you to reconsider your spiritual and theological “location” in order to see new things. Dr. Brent A. Smith is an Associate Professor in the Religious Studies Program at Grand Valley State University, teaching classes such as Religions of the World, Concepts and Methods in the Study of Religion, Religion and Popular Culture, and Sacred Texts. His research interests are in the concepts and methods for the academic study of religion, religion and popular culture, religion and film, and religious experience.

CommUUnity Show of our church’s many performance talents, for all ages, begins after worship. All are welcome to stay after worship to enjoy the show.

October 29: “Day of the Dead” worship for all ages with Teresa Putnam, DLFD, and the Chalice Choir

In this family-friendly service, we remember, honor, and celebrate our loved ones who have passed. Bring a memento, photo, flowers, food, or whatever else reminds you of your departed loved one or pet. Together, we will create our communal Day of the Dead altar.

Our churchwide theme for the month of November is gratitude.
November's Second-Sunday Plate Collection will help fund international disaster relief.